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16-12-2004, 09:12 PM
[color=red:]N i g h t C a l l[/color:]

the wind is blowing,
the birds are chirping,
the smell is sweet,
and my heart is beating,
can you,
really can you help me now
your soul interwined with mine
and carried it to a hidden paradise,
unmistakablely true how the sky now turns to majestic shades of blue,
your touch,
your touch shakes me as hard as an earthquake,
your words,
oh your words create an unbreakable force field to shield my heart from pain,
rain, rain never falls here,
looking in your eyes is soaring through heaven for all eternity,
how do I know this is you,
oh I see it is the way the birds sing harmoniously when they see your face,
it is the way the stars shine brightly as if they were the sun,
it is the way my soul longs for you so,
you are here for me,
my soul mate,
listen to my night call,
Listen, Listen,
Can you hear me calling,
Can you follow it's sound?


جــريح الدهــر
16-12-2004, 10:39 PM
your touch shakes me as hard as an earthquake

خيبة مب touch هذا .. زلزال مرة وحدة


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