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11-02-2016, 06:15 AM
Are the Saudis ready to fight in Syria?

بقلم مضاوي الرشيد

On Feb. 4, Saudi military spokesman Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri announced that Saudi Arabia is now ready to send ground troops to Syria to fight the Islamic State (IS). Saudi Arabia is part of the international anti-IS coalition led by the United States since September 2014. However, when it launched the war in Yemen to fight the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels almost a year ago, its priorities shifted and its airstrikes on IS subsided. In December, it launched a new Muslim anti-IS coalition, but this, too, remains ambiguous as a strategy and may be interpreted as yet another attempt by the Saudi regime to seek Islamic backing against its rival and arch enemy, namely Iran. It is important to understand why the Saudis announced they are now willing to venture into the troubled waters of Syria with ground troops, allegedly to fight IS. ط¨ط¥ط®طھطµط§ط±⎙ ط·ط¨ط§ط¹ط© With no end in sight to Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Yemen, it is doubtful that the regime is ready to risk major casualties by sending ground troops to Syria. ط¨ظ‚ظ„ظ… ظ…ط¶ط§ظˆظٹ ط§ظ„ط±ط´ظٹط¯ ظ†ط´ط± ظپط¨ط±ط§ظٹط± 10, 2016