عرض كامل الموضوع : Arab Wake Up?!!!!

hamza hasan
18-04-2007, 08:15 PM
in the name of good
hamza hasan ideas and yours acting
in this article i will spot light on th events that happen in the world and in our
daily life starting from the problems of politics
to the problem of society and especially the family !
starting from the politics that we see it in our life :politics is the maneging of
problems in a correct way and when solving problems solve it with the lowest
price that we may give and politic born with the born of peaple from the begening
of life till now and every one use it in his life inorder to get things he need
starting from the shoping ending with the communicating with otheres
so if we use it in correct way it is the more suffecient way to solve problems
but in these days poltics is the way of geting things from otheres and to ley on them
and these things becom the correct way to distroy ur enemy by ur lying
and all the otheres beleave what u say because u give lye and u use the power
of money instead of truth and u will be the best in the sight of otheres
and the powerfull countries like usa and britch france.....
use politics and doplomasic ways to surround there enemies especially what
need to do and more especially the countries that refuse to enter in there
medium or to do what they need as an example about these what we see
in these days what usa with the help of united nation do for the islamic republic
in iran conserning iran nuclear program and all the countries do what usa
need to do but iran refuse these acting and dont return back word
since iran beleave in what it is doing since these is its rights and no one in all
the world can get its right or oblige it to do any thing it dont want do
and we listen every day a good news for its products and god give that land a huge
reserve of pertrole and the presence of uranium
while on the othere hand we see that arabic countries is the worst countries in the world conserning
the way of there polotics with a little exception so let us see what arab do till now:
we lose palastine we lose our site between developed countries we have new
global caracteristic which is terrorest we go back to the stone age in communication
with otheres and our self confidense dicrease and become a universal trading market for problems
and if some one from arabs become good our leaderes distroy him because he may
make arab a human in the sight of otheres ?
i am an arabic man that we suffer our kings, presedents
and this question is for oul presedents what u do for us ?
u lost palastine u lost iraq u lost all gulf countries and now u are trying to distroy
lebanon but in lebanon there is people that will not allow u to do what u make deal with usa
and when i say lebanon , lebanon is the countey that suffer alot from isreal
many times ago and in the last ime in summer when we were hit by the best air force and by the
intellegent bombs arabs were saying look to lebanon he make an adventure
with isreal look hizbollah want to distroy isreal this is arab now adays
but god make us in lebanon and especially hizbollah towin on isreal the most
powerfull army in the middle east for thesecond time 2007
and all zionest in isreal say that hizbollah won on us and they say this is the first
time that isreal go in a real war
and in order not to forget some countries that help us in war like
while otheres countries help th eunlegal government the government that
help isreal in geting its targets during the war and i let them for history
to say his word in them .
so i hope from arab to do more than a consuming of west products.
second part conserning the society and family n our daily life:
in our days we see that there is two three types of societies and more specific
three types of families : first one is the what it called open mind family
and this is what i will talk about it
second one is what it called preserved family third one is what it called opreserved
.first one is the family that accept every thing from outside every thing without exception
it accept every thing starting form the clothese to the communication to the
open mind ideas... starting from the clohtese we see what it is terrible
in our daily life and some may say look hamza is soo shy or hamza has
stubborn mind or ... i want to ask all who say that is the preserving our
family from distruction is a type ofstubornity or what it is?
as i think all see what girls wear in these days especially arab girls
those who are in arabic countries and those who are in outside !
they look like a stick of wood did u know why because those who want to distroy
societies pay for modeles and for actors to wear like things
and our girls look to that clothese as the top modernity and they look to
our native clothese as the clothese of stone age i dont say to wear a clothese of
adam and eve or to wear a peace of cotton ... i say u must wear a clothese that
are compatable with our and not otheres
and the sign of what i say is the problems we see and the dicrease of morals
of a great part of girls i dont say that our girls are responsible about that
no but they are responsible in accepting allthings!
and this problem is not to girls only also
u boys our futer man look what u are doing by ur self ? if we apply
our morals and our islamic morals or christians real morals we will be the
best of the best and we have the ability to do that but the west media
becom to affect on us and to learn us how to act in a simpatic way or as i say
silly way and i dont say to u to return back 2000 year
so modern is not the clothes we wear or cigar we have or car we own
or wife we marry
modern is the way of thinking u may have a car and cigar and best look
but u have a mind of chicken !!
so this is advice from ur brother hamza to all who will read this let us return to our morals our arabic
morals espacially those who live out in west
we must be the first not the last as now!!!! we were the best in andalosic stage
or what we call the golden age of arab from my heart to all
arab in all the world to retur one sterp to our raise to be the best of the best we can do that we can be the first people
enginere hamza hasan

hamza hasan
18-04-2007, 08:17 PM
salm 3ala reem