عرض كامل الموضوع : If The Whole World Could Vote

القمــر البريدية
14-09-2008, 11:14 AM
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"> <html> <head> </head> <uebimiau_body_not_alowed style="background-color: #ffffff;"> <!--~-|**|PrettyHtmlStartT|**|-~--> <div id="ygrp-mlmsg" style="width:655px; position:relative;"> <div id="ygrp-msg" style="width: 470px; margin:0; padding:0 25px 0 0; float:left; z-index:1;"> <!--~-|**|PrettyHtmlEndT|**|-~--> <div id="ygrp-text"> <p><div style="font-family:times new roman, new york, times, serif;font-size:36pt;"><DIV><FONT face="tahoma, new york, times, serif" size="3"></FONT></DIV> <DIV align="center"> <P><FONT face="tahoma, new york, times, serif" size="3">November 4th 2008 the American people will choose a new president. The president of the United States of America is the most powerful person in the world.</FONT></P> <P><FONT face="tahoma, new york, times, serif" size="3">We would like to know who would be the next president of the United States of America - if the world could vote!</FONT></P> <P><FONT face="tahoma, new york, times, serif" size="3">In the presidential election in 2004 122,267,553 people voted. 6,500,000,000 people did not. </FONT> <P><FONT face="tahoma, new york, times, serif" size="3">Our mission is to get more people to vote than voted in the last election. Mission impossible, we know, but still, wouldnt it be great to see what the whole world thinks? </FONT></P> <P><FONT face="tahoma, new york, times, serif" size="3">If we are to have any chance of reaching that goal we need your help. Tell all your friends around the world about iftheworldcouldvote<wbr>.com. You can send them email, share it on Facebook (we also have a group you can join), digg it, reddit, save to delicious ... Or all of it. So go ahead. Lets see who would be the next president of the United States of America - if the world could vote;)</FONT></P> <P><FONT face="Tahoma" size="3"></FONT>&nbsp;</P> <P><A href="http://www.iftheworldcouldvote.com/">http://www.ifthewor<wbr>ldcouldvote.<wbr>com/</A></P></DIV></div><br> </p> </div> <!--~-|**|PrettyHtmlStart|**|-~--> <span width="1" style="color: white;">__._,_.___</span> <!-- Start the section with Message In topic --> <div id="ygrp-actbar"> <span > <a href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/algamar/message/14376;_ylc=X3oDMTM2czg0aGVuBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE0BGdycElkAzMzNDQ4NTIEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxNzA1MTAyNjM2BG1zZ0lkAzE0Mzc2BHNlYwNmdHIEc2xrA3Z0cGMEc3RpbWUDMTIyMTM4MzUzNgR0cGNJZAMxNDM3Ng--"> Messages in this topic </a> (<span >1</span>) </span> <a href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/algamar/post;_ylc=X3oDMTJxcXEwODZpBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE0BGdycElkAzMzNDQ4NTIEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxNzA1MTAyNjM2BG1zZ0lkAzE0Mzc2BHNlYwNmdHIEc2xrA3JwbHkEc3RpbWUDMTIyMTM4MzUzNg--?act=reply&messageNum=14376"> <span > Reply </span> (via web post) </a> | <a href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/algamar/post;_ylc=X3oDMTJlY2gyNTFqBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE0BGdycElkAzMzNDQ4NTIEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxNzA1MTAyNjM2BHNlYwNmdHIEc2xrA250cGMEc3RpbWUDMTIyMTM4MzUzNg--" > Start a new topic </a> </div> <!------- Start Nav Bar ------> <!-- |**|begin egp html banner|**| --> <div id="ygrp-vitnav"> <a href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/algamar/messages;_ylc=X3oDMTJlaG4zbDMwBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE0BGdycElkAzMzNDQ4NTIEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxNzA1MTAyNjM2BHNlYwNmdHIEc2xrA21zZ3MEc3RpbWUDMTIyMTM4MzUzNg--">Messages</a> | <a href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/algamar/polls;_ylc=X3oDMTJmOGdjNXUzBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE0BGdycElkAzMzNDQ4NTIEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxNzA1MTAyNjM2BHNlYwNmdHIEc2xrA3BvbGxzBHN0aW1lAzEyMjEzODM1MzY-">Polls</a> </div> <!-- |**|end egp html banner|**| --> <div id="ygrp-grft"> <!-- |**|begin egp html banner|**| --> <a href="http://algamar-group.4t.com/msg.htm">http://algamar-group.4t.com/msg.htm</a> <BR> <BR> Vote For Best Yahoo Group <BR> رشحني كأفضل مجموعة بريدية<BR> <a href="http://www.grank.com/in.php?id=elgamar">http://www.grank.com/in.php?id=elgamar</a> <BR> <BR> <a href="http://www.muslimhands.org">http://www.muslimhands.org</a> <BR> <BR> الله لا إلَه إلا هُو الحَيُّ القَيّومُ <!-- |**|end egp html banner|**| --> </div> <!-- yahoo logo --> <!-- |**|begin egp html banner|**| --> <div id="ygrp-ft"> <a href="http://groups.yahoo.com/;_ylc=X3oDMTJkOTFhZmRhBF9TAzk3NDc2NTkwBGdycElkAzMzNDQ4NTIEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxNzA1MTAyNjM2BHNlYwNmdHIEc2xrA2dmcARzdGltZQMxMjIxMzgzNTM2"> <img src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/yg/img/logo/ma_grp_160.gif" height="15" width="106" border="0" alt="Yahoo! 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